Stand Up Desk Store Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard Room Divider Review

Stand Up Desk Store Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard Room Divider Review
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Stand Up Desk Store Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard Room Divider: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • 64 x 38.5 inch double-sided whiteboard
  • Doubles as a room divider
  • Can be used for as a projection screen

What We Don't Like

  • The wheels could be beefier

Whiteboards have become ubiquitous in offices and classrooms. They are available in various shapes and sizes, and their functionality can go beyond just an excellent presentation tool. But making a choice might not be easy since there are a lot of different models to choose from.

On the other hand, some whiteboard models, like the Stand Up Desk Store’s Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard Room Divider, sit on the top shelf of the competition. This mobile magnetic whiteboard can help you organize the space around your office and make great presentations at the same time. So feel free to have a closer look at its features.

Stand Up Desk Store Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard Room Divider Review

For a room divider, the Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard happens to be an excellent presentation tool as well. The size and mobility add to its overall versatility.

The mobile magnetic whiteboard is also double-sided so when used as a divider it serves two different teams in the office. In addition, the whiteboard surface is smooth and bright even enough for use as a projection screen for PowerPoint presentations.

Who is this whiteboard for?

If you need a large yet mobile whiteboard that can double as a temporary office or classroom wall, you can’t go wrong with this model. The two sides of the divider/whiteboard serve two different areas.

This magnetic whiteboard may also provide some privacy in the office. You can place it as a whiteboard wall between two workstations for some isolation that might expedite task completion.

Overall, this whiteboard is an excellent choice for offices with multiple teams. In addition, it is also a great tool for classroom activities involving children of all ages.

What’s included?

With this whiteboard, what you see is what you get. The package includes the rigid steel frame, four caster wheels, and framed double-sided whiteboard. Of course, you also get the bolts required for the assembly and the instructions.

The package includes a single hex key for the assembly. If you need any magnetic pins, markers, or erasers, you’d have to get them separately.

Overview of features

Measuring 64 x 38.5 inches, this model has one of the largest whiteboard surfaces – if you need anything much larger, you’d probably have to get it custom-built. The overall dimensions are 75 inches high and 43 inches wide. Just the wheeled base itself is about 24 inches deep. As you can see, this large whiteboard is compact and mobile enough to not feel out of place even in smaller offices.

The steel frame is powder-coated in a chrome finish. It adds to the durability of the whiteboard and ensures you have years of carefree use. The whiteboard also comes with furniture-grade caster wheels that can be easily locked in place.

The surfaces of this whiteboard are very easy to clean and maintain.

How to use it

This whiteboard is quite easy to put together, which shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. Most of the whiteboard comes preassembled except for six pieces that you need to bolt together.

In essence, you only have to attach the whiteboard and wheels to the preassembled frame. Lay the frame on its side and bolt the wheel support to the bottom first, then screw in the caster wheels. There is a split lock washer for each of the casters.

The assembly instructions recommend getting some assistance since the whiteboard is so large. However, with some careful maneuvering, you won’t need any help to put this whiteboard together.


The mobile magnetic whiteboard room divider from Stand Up Desk Store delivers a good build quality and versatility. It looks and feels robust and it is compact enough for most office settings. The assembly is quite easy and the overall characteristics make this particular whiteboard a premium choice.

Another top contender is the Kaba Flair Rolling Dry Erase Whiteboard. It’s a double-sided whiteboard which is easy to move around for presentations or lectures.

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