Kaba Flair Rolling Dry Erase Whiteboard Review

Kaba Flair Rolling Dry Erase Whiteboard Review
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Kaba Flair Rolling Dry Erase Whiteboard: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Double-sided 48 x 36 inch whiteboard
  • Rigid aluminum construction
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Immovable whiteboard locking mechanism

What We Don't Like

  • Upper price range

Today, it is very hard to imagine an office, no matter how big or small, without a dry erase whiteboard. This utilitarian presentation tool has also found its way into most classrooms since it is convenient, easy to use, and requires very little maintenance.

On the other hand, there are many different whiteboard options from which to choose. However, the Kaba Flair rolling dry erase whiteboard featured in this write-up stands out from the crowd due to its exceptional quality and versatility.

Kaba Flair Rolling Dry Erase Whiteboard Review

This rolling dry erase whiteboard by Kaba Flair features an excellent combination of build quality, usability, and versatility. It also comes at a price competitive enough for most offices, studios, and education centers.

The rolling dry erase whiteboard features a sturdy aluminum frame and a set of wheels that can be easily locked. It is also quite compact and lightweight so it would be easy to wheel the board from one room to another.

Who is this whiteboard for?

The rolling dry erase whiteboard wouldn’t be out of place in any kind of office, presentation venue, classroom, or studio. What’s more, if you need a whiteboard for your home office, you can’t go wrong with this whiteboard either.

On the other hand, it is perfectly suitable for those who require a mobile yet sturdy whiteboard. And since this whiteboard is double sided, it is a great option if you need lots of space to lay out your presentation.

What’s included?

This whiteboard comes well packaged to insure against damages during transport and handling. The aluminum frame is disassembled and the plastic wrapped for protection. You also get an instruction booklet and a set of required tools for assembly. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to put the board together.

Besides the double-sided whiteboard, aluminum construction, and set of wheels, you also get a black tray for your markers and other small presentation accessories.

Overview of features

This rolling dry erase whiteboard feels and looks premium and it can take a lot of wheeling back and forth.

The frame consists of 0.04 inch thick, 2 x 1 inch aluminum elliptical tubes. The aluminum frame supports a 48 x 36 inch board which itself is framed in cool-looking black aluminum. The whiteboard frame adds to the overall rigidity of the entire construction.

As previously mentioned, this rolling dry erase whiteboard is double sided. Each side features a lacquer-coated metal surface which allows you to smoothly write and wipe without any smudges or ghosting. In addition, this whiteboard is magnetic you can easily set up presentation papers and posters.

What’s more, it is very easy to flip to either side of the board. There is a locking mechanism on the upper aluminum support bar which holds the board in place. When you need to flip the board, just press down and rotate. It is smooth are requires minimal effort.

Another great thing about this board is its height. Including the lockable caster wheels the whiteboard is 69 inches high. This is ideal for presentation purposes since it allows you to easily communicate no matter how big the crowd is.

How to use it

Using the Kaba Flair rolling dry erase whiteboard is simple and straightforward. Once you assemble the frame and install the caster wheels, secure the double-sided whiteboard surface and you are basically ready to go.

This whiteboard doesn’t come with any markers or erasers so you would need to get a set unless you already own one. To keep the board pristine, you might want to consider using a cleaner spray and a microfiber cloth. These are the proper options for keeping the whiteboard surface in perfect order for a long time.


The Kaba Flair is durable, well-built, and versatile enough to fit in the great-value-for-money category, but it is not exactly cheap. Thus, if you are looking for a budget option you might want to consider the Viz-Pro Magnetic H-Stand whiteboard.

Besides reasonably affordable, the Viz-Pro Magnetic has ample whiteboard real estate and an adjustable easel. However, it lacks the mobility of the Kaba Flair since there are no wheels. On the other hand, the Viz-Pro also features excellent build quality and can be easily folded when not in use for some extra convenience.

The Finefurniture mobile dry erase whiteboard is another excellent budget option. It comes with a sturdy frame and a set of caster wheels, and the whiteboard height can be adjusted. A great thing about this whiteboard is that the package includes an eraser, two markers, and four magnetic nails.


The Kaba Flair Rolling Dry Erase Whiteboard features a quick and easy assembly, double-sided whiteboard area, and unmatched mobility. The entire frame, including the whiteboard’s, is made of high-quality aluminum.

Overall, if you need a quality professional whiteboard to assist with your presentations, you can’t go wrong with this rolling dry erase whiteboard.

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