How to Disinfect Your Home Office Space this COVID Season

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During this coronavirus pandemic, a lot of companies and business establishments have been shut down due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 victims. Everyone is advised to stay home. Thus, working from home has become a privilege. Unfortunately, not everyone is given the chance to continue working in the safest environment amidst this pandemic, so you should be thankful if you’re one of the privileged few who can still work from home. While there are fewer chances of you contracting the virus due to staying at home, you do need to constantly disinfect your home, just to be 100 percent sure. Of course, you need to keep your home office space clean and germ-free also. So we have put together some home office cleaning checklist that will keep your workspace clean and virus-free. 


Office stuff tends to get messy in every home office setting. To solve this, here are six steps you can follow to organize your things:

  • Install two to three wall shelves where you can arrange your books and notebooks.
  • As much as possible, use only one filing cabinet and go paperless.
  • Purchase and set up a dry erase whiteboard where you can take down notes instead of using too much paper. Make sure you have a tiny basket for the whiteboard essentials, such as markers of different colors, erasers, and whiteboard cleaners.
  • Place a garbage bin next to your office table so you can easily throw your trash instead of keeping them on top of your table or inside your drawers.
  • Invest in baskets or bins for toys and other unnecessary things in your office instead of ignoring them on top of your table, shelves, or inside drawers.
  • Empty the bins and baskets when you have the time and place them where they should be – on designated shelves or in storage boxes.


Once done getting rid of all the clutter, focus on cleaning your table.

  • Collect scattered pens and pencils on top of your table and keep them in your drawer.
  • Throw away any useless paperwork, old receipts, fliers, and junk mails on your table and drawers. For paperwork that you can still use, store them in your filing cabinet.
  • Dust your laptop or computer, keyboard, mouse, lamp, and the table surface.
  • Using a disinfectant, wipe all surfaces properly to get rid of any germs.


Keep everything clean and organized on a daily basis so you can work effectively. 

  • Dust the surfaces or wipe with a dry cloth every day.
  • Use a vacuum to get rid of the accumulated dust on your chair as well as the floor.
  • Disinfect your office space at least twice or thrice a week.

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