How Can Whiteboards Improve Productivity?

How Can Whiteboards Improve Productivity?
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Do you have an office with employees that don’t seem to be very productive?

Productivity is very important in any workplace; it’s how anything and everything gets done, and if your employees are not productive, they are losing money for you.

Whiteboards might not seem like the most important thing to have in an office, but did you know that they can in fact help increase productivity?

They Provide a Clear Message

If you are in your place of work, it can be very stressful. Remembering all of those orders your boss gave you can be difficult.

On the flipside of things, if you have employees that constantly forget their tasks, duties, and instructions, you are probably close to going insane. The point here is that it can be hard for employees to keep on track.

Sure, paper memos are fine, but most people don’t even read them, plus they just end up in the garbage and pollute the world.

They Provide a Clear Message

Email memos and instructions are alright too, but once again, many people probably won’t read an email from a boss all the way through.

However, a whiteboard is something that is always there. Whether you put it right on the floor of the office or in the break room, a whiteboard is big, bright, and it is always present to remind workers of their duties, schedules, and responsibilities.

It’s a convenient and visual reminder and a great way to keep employees on track and up to date, plus you can always write new instructions on it.

At the end of the day, if your employees stay on track and are reminded of their tasks and goals on a constant basis, chances are they will do a better job and accomplish them sooner. Simply put, you aren’t leaving any room for error and with a whiteboard; it makes it much harder for people to forget or ignore what they are supposed to do.

And yes, on that same note, some employees simply ignore their duties or tasks they don’t like, which is much harder to do if they have to look at the instructions on your whiteboard every so often.

Increasing Communication 

Another great thing about whiteboards in the workplace, especially when related to productivity, is that they help to increase communication. Many people use video conferences, even in the same office, but the fact of the matter is that in person, meetings are still the best way to go.

There is just something about a personal meeting, where all parties are in the same room, which helps generate and communicate ideas, and helps work actually get done.

With that being said, for a boss to remember all of those requests and ideas from employees can be difficult. A mobile whiteboard can allow a boss to write down all of those ideas and requests in one place and in a concise manner.

At the same time, on the side of employees, it can also be hard to remember ideas, but if there is always a whiteboard present, especially in a meeting, somebody can jot something down real quick so it is not forgotten.

At the same time, many offices also have anonymous question or complaint boxes; these boxes are often considered a joke, and they often aren’t even looked at. A whiteboard can allow employees to write questions and concerns on it, even anonymously, so that they are clearly visible, always seen, and can’t be ignored.

Scheduling and Planning

Another way in which whiteboards can help increase workplace productivity is through scheduling and planning. This is especially true if the workplace is large and there are many employees to account for.

Simply put, keeping track of everybody, especially in terms of the work schedule, can be quite hard. Employees may get confused about days they have to work and days they have off. Emails can get lost and little pieces of paper are hard to see.

However, if you have a whiteboard that is neatly divided into days, you can make it clear who works on which days. It’s just an easy way to remind employees of the days and hours they work.

Furthermore, if there are changes that need to be made to the work schedule, a whiteboard allows for this to be done easily. Emails and paper schedules need to be redone, printed out, and re-sent to employees, none of which applies to the simple whiteboard. It might not sound like a big deal, but employees who are constantly checking their schedules are employees who are not actually getting any work done.

A Bit of Fun

Having fun and having happy employees are essential to workplace productivity and success in terms of completing goals. The fact of the matter is that employees who are not happy are not going to be productive.

Happy employees are more likely to give it their all and to do their best. You might think that a whiteboard does not have much to do with this, but you would be wrong.

For one, a boss can always write notes or inspirational quotes on a whiteboard. Sure, it might not seem like much, but a friendly word from the boss can make a difference.

Even if that is not the case, employees themselves could write little notes, remember people’s birthdays, and other such things. An office whiteboard could be a good way for employees to blow off some steam, even if that involves drawing simple doodles.


The bottom line is that a whiteboard is more than a simple writing surface. Whether it be fun, scheduling, or writing clear messages, a whiteboard has many productivity-related advantages in the workplace. 

If you have an office, but no whiteboard, you don’t know what you are missing.

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