Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard Review

Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard Review
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​Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard​: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • ​Fairly low price
  • ​Comes with $50 free accessories
  • ​Smooth and durable coating

What We Don't Like

  • ​Complaints of defective and deformed product

Do you need an alternative to a messy and static chalkboard? Getting kids to pay attention can be hard enough, let alone if they cannot really see the chalkboard due to old scratches, chalk marks, and sheer distance from it.

A good alternative to go with is a dry erase or whiteboard. They are convenient; but which one is right for you? This is what we are here to discuss today.

​Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard Review

The Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard is a 48 by 36 inch whiteboard that allows you to adjust the writing angle and use both sides.

All things considered, it does come in at a fairly low price, especially considering that it comes with over $50 of free accessories like magnets, erasers, and more. If you are a teacher, you might want to consider getting a Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard.

​Who is this product for?

If you are a classroom teacher and need a way to display information to your pupils, but don’t want to deal with dust-raising chalkboards, the Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard could be the right option for you. It’s a good choice to go with if you are a teacher, or even if you are homeschooling your kids, and it could probably be used in various office settings.

The point here is that the Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard makes for a much better alternative to chalkboards no matter what you are going to use it for.

​What’s included?

When you purchase the Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard, you get the whiteboard itself plus accessories which are included. For one, here you get a fairly large whiteboard, a double sided one that can be mounted on a wall if you so wish, plus it allows you to choose the angle of writing too.

It comes with a solid base for stability, plus rolling wheels with locks too. You also get many extras included such as a magnetic eraser, a magnetic ruler, tape to make grids on the whiteboard, push-pin magnets, and a detachable tray to hold all of the accessories.

For its fairly moderate price, the whiteboard and the number of accessories it comes with makes the price impressive.

​Overview of features

The Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard has a number of cool features that are worth talking about. For one, the board itself is 4 feet by 3 feet in size.

This makes it ideal for most classroom settings, and even for home use. It’s more than large enough so that the children in the back can see everything that is being written on the whiteboard.

What is also worth noting is that this whiteboard comes with a very smooth and durable coating. Markers glide very easily over it, as is also true for the magnetic eraser.

The fact that the surface is so smooth and durable also helps to prevent staining and ghost marks left by other markers. It is also very resistant to scratching and denting, which is quite important.

The Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard is built to withstand the test of time. The solid metal frame won’t scratch, and it even features a powder-coated finish for added protection.

When it comes to the base, you get 4 wheels, which makes the Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard very easy to move around. The wheels lock, so the whiteboard won’t move all over the place while in use, but is still easy to transport when they’re unlocked.

In terms of the whiteboard itself, it is magnetic, which means that you can attach papers and other lightweight objects to it, especially with the included magnets. It’s a convenient aspect for teachers.

Furthermore, this is a double-sided whiteboard, so you can use one side for one topic, and then flip it around for the next lesson. The hinges are made to be durable and smooth, plus you can lock them. You can choose the angle at which the board sits at to make things easier for yourself.


In terms of a tutorial, there is not much to say about the Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard, as it is quite simple to use. There are assembly instructions included which are easy to follow as long as you have a helping hand. To lock the wheels, simply press your foot down on the locks, and then pull the locks up to move it again.

To move the whiteboard from one side to the other, or to change the writing angle, simply loosen the 2 side knobs, one on each side, make the adjustments, and then tighten the knobs again. Besides that, there is nothing else you need to know about using the Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard.


In case you are not particularly pleased with the Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard, you can always take a look at an alternative, with one of our favorites being the Kaba Flair Rolling Whiteboard. In many respects, these items are fairly similar, which is especially true for the price.

They come in at the same size, plus they both have an accessory tray and rolling/locking wheels. However, while the Kaba Flair does not allow you to choose the writing angle, but it does appear to have a bit of a more solid build to it. All in all, both are good products.


As you can see, the Flybold Mobile Flip Over Whiteboard is a good option to go with for a variety of reasons. It’s tough, it looks good, and it gets the job done, which is really all you need.

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