Dexboard Dry Erase Board Review

Dexboard Dry Erase Board Review
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Dexboard Dry Erase Board: QUICK OVERVIEW

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What We Like

  • Large whiteboard surface
  • Can be fixed at an angle
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Nice wheels

What We Don't Like

  • The board might wobble a bit when writing

Every office or classroom needs a high-quality dry erase board, an indispensable tool for presentation and education purposes. But whiteboards have evolved quite a lot since they first appeared in classrooms and offices.

Nowadays, you are presented with a lot of options. Making a choice between the wheeled, stationary, single or double-sided whiteboards is not exactly simple if you are not sure what to look for. This write-up provides you with an in-depth review of the Dexboard dry erase board which is an excellent option that can cover all your presentation needs.

Dexboard Dry Erase Board Review

The Dexboard whiteboard is a compact and mobile presentation tool that can easily fit any contemporary environment. It won’t look out of place in a small home office either. The board is made of durable materials which ensure prolonged use and resistance to wear and tear.

The special locking mechanism allows the board to be tilted at various angles. In addition, the Dexboard is double-sided so there’s a lot of presentation real estate.

Who is this whiteboard for?

Anyone who is in need of a versatile whiteboard that can be easily moved from room to room can benefit from this board. It is great for classrooms, boardrooms, and similar presentation venues.

Since this whiteboard can be set at an angle, it might be also used in architectural and design for displaying drafts. What’s more, the Dexboard is very tall so it is perfectly suitable for large group presentations without making those in the back rows crane their neck.

What’s included?

Like most other whiteboards on the market, the Dexboard doesn’t arrive fully assembled. In the box, you will find the framed magnetic whiteboard, six-piece aluminum frame, four caster wheels, and bolts to put them together.

The package also includes the instruction sheet and tool needed for the assembly. A nice addition is the aluminum tray that can be easily detached from the frame. And there are a couple of ABS handles that allow you to angle the board to your preference.

Overview of features

Top to bottom, with the wheels included, this whiteboard is 77.3 inches high and 63.4 inches wide. These measurements put it in the medium-to-large dry erase board category. The whiteboard itself measures 59.06 x 39.4 inches.

The Dexboard comes with an anti-scratch magnetic whiteboard surface on either side. In addition, a special lacquer coating prevents ink from reaching the bottom board layers. Thus, there is no risk of staining or smudging.

The easy-roll 2 inch wheels help you effortlessly move the whiteboard and they are lockable. The flip mechanism allows the board to rotate 360° and be locked at an angle.

How to assemble it

The only piece that comes preassembled is the framed whiteboard and you need to put all the other pieces together. It would be best to start with the sides of the frame. Once you are done with the sides, you can add the wheels and the lower support bar.

It is best to perform this part of the assembly while the frame is on the ground, then put it upright after securing the lower support bar. Bolt in the middle support bar in the upright position and place the aluminum tray on it. Now that you have the frame secured, bolt the flip mechanism to the whiteboard frame.

The Dexboard features six small protective end pieces that attach to the top and bottom of the frame so don’t forget to put them in.


This particular Dexboard model currently might be a bit hard to find, so it’d be wise to consider some other options. If you don’t really need a 60 x 40 inch whiteboard, the 48 x 36-inch model from the same company is an excellent choice. The smaller Dexboard shares the same features as its bigger brother except it’s smaller and more affordable.


The Dexboard dry erase board covers a wide spectrum of presentation needs, which makes it a good option. The 60 x 40 inch board is so popular that it might be a bit tricky to get a hold of this particular model. But when you do purchase the board, rest assured that you will love its versatility and great presentation options. If you’re looking for a perfectly sized mobile whiteboard, the Kaba Flair Rolling Dry Erase Whiteboard is one of best options.

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