Beneficial Uses of Whiteboards in the Classroom

man writing on whiteboard
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man writing on whiteboard

Effective teaching comes with visual aids as supplements for learning. Learners in a classroom setting may find it hard to keep up with classroom discussions if teachers do not use techniques and strategies to catch the students’ attention. They will get bored, won’t listen, and eventually end up with low or failing grades. When that happens, the teacher will be blamed for ineffective teaching or perhaps lack of dedication.

That is why tools that supplement learning exist, such as the dry erase whiteboard. This tool makes learning more interactive, interesting, and straightforward. With the markers and some visual aids that can be attached to the board, teaching and learning become easier and more convenient.

Here are some of the beneficial uses of whiteboards in the classroom:

Increased student attention and engagement. With the use of dry-erase whiteboards, it is easier to catch the attention of students. Teachers can simply post lecture notes, photos, and illustrations on whiteboards to support facts, arguments, points, or statements. In addition, it is easy to write unfamiliar terminologies on dry erase boards, which students can copy. Such tool will also encourage learning among elementary learners, especially 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade students – they will always be excited using dry erase whiteboards in classroom activities.

Makes classroom assessments easy and quick. Generally, whiteboards make a teacher’s life easier. Class assessments, such as solving math problems, spelling, or explaining a point briefly can be written on dry erase whiteboards. The teacher can see in plain sight who is struggling and who is excelling. Thus, follow-up teaching will happen more instantly than letting students write on their papers simultaneously.

Allows for instant alternative or unplanned activity. When teachers are interrupted with other tasks- unexpected visitors or emergency meetings, they can easily write unplanned activity instructions on the whiteboard. This will allow students to still keep learning and interacting with one another while the teacher deals with the interruption momentarily.

Mistakes can be erased quickly and easily. Dry erase, quick wipe whiteboards are preferred by teachers because they can instantly erase mistakes – saving them time writing and allowing more time teaching. For struggling students, making a mistake will not be much of an embarrassment because they can easily correct such as mistake.

Less mess and convenient. Dry erase boards enable clear and smooth writing without the mess of chalk dust that comes with writing in chalkboards. It also offers the convenience of mobility when you need to move the board from one place to another since most whiteboards come with wheels which can also be locked to keep the board steady during lectures or presentations.

Although dry erase boards can be costly and require effort to buy because of its size and logistical issues, the disadvantages are outweighed by the aforementioned benefits. There are available quality dry erase boards that are on sale on Amazon – effortless and affordable shopping guaranteed.

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